The Vortek Air Seeder: Built for Efficiency on Farms Like Yours

Vortek Team |
January 26, 2024

Time is money in the fast-paced world of farming. You need equipment that works hard, saves you time, and maximizes your yield. At Suplee Hollow Machine, we’ve been building farm machinery for over 8 years, and the Vortek Air Seeder is an example of our commitment to making your life easy and profitable.

Is the Vortek Air Seeder right for you? Let’s take a look:

Who the Vortek Benefits:

  • Hilly Farms & Flat Fields: The Vortek system handles both with ease, thanks to its air seeding technology. No more uneven seed distribution with a spreader on challenging terrain.
  • Vertical Tillage Users: Already own a vertical tillage tool? Perfect! The Vortek seamlessly mounts to it, transforming it into a two-job, one-pass machine. Till and seed or fertilize in a single run, saving you time and fuel. Learn more about vertical tillage here.
  • 300+ Acre Farms: With its high-speed seeding and large capacity, the Vortek tackles big jobs efficiently. Seed cover crops fast, plant fall forages for spring harvest, or get your production wheat in the ground quick and easy. Curious about when to plant cover crops for the best results?
  • Less Skilled or Young Labor? No Problem: The Vortek is user-friendly, making it easy to train new workers or get your young ones involved. The simple controls and automated systems minimize operator error.

The Vortek Advantage:

  • Cost-Effective: Compared to late-model no-till drills, the Vortek system mounted on your existing vertical tillage tool costs about one-third the price, leaving money in your pocket.
  • Proven Performance: Farmers are seeing yields of 130+ bushels per acre with the Vortek when planting production wheat in high fertility fields.
  • Low Maintenance: Fewer moving parts mean less downtime and lower repair costs. Most maintenance involves your existing vertical tillage equipment.

Still not convinced? Consider this:

A new late model 30′ air drill can cost you $220,000 to $250,000. The Vortek system delivers similar performance for a fraction of the cost:

  • 130-bushel cart, ISOBUS compatible and scales – $58,900.00
  • 12-port distribution tower on a 25′ disc (including the hitch) – $18,900.00

That is at least 65% cheaper and plus the time you save with the Vortek’s one-pass two-jobs, tilling and seeding, or fertilizing. This means more acres covered, more crops planted, less fuel, and more money in your pocket. You get the picture.

Hauling equipment
Hauling the Vortek Air Seeder out for a demonstration run.

Ready to see the Vortek in action?

Don’t spend another season struggling with inefficient equipment. The Vortek Air Seeder can help you work smarter, not harder, and boost your bottom line. Let’s talk about how it can fit your operation.

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